Tired of taking pictures where your hands are just all over the place? Or ones where your outfit doesn’t make the cut? Well, here are 5 easy poses to help you take an Insta-perfect picture!

  • The Hand-Over-Face-To-Look-Mysterious Pose
  • This is one trend that the Modest Fashion Bloggers have always portrayed so beautifully and who says this won’t suit us? Make sure your body language is easy and not to stiff and you’ve got yourself a #Viral Picture!

  • Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other!
  • A cuppa coffee not only tastes good, but also makes for a great and super aesthetic prop for #InstaGood Pictures. Pair it with an elegant bag in the other hand and you’re picture ready!

  • Sit Tall & Look Away
  • This one definitely makes the cut for one of the prettiest fake-candid posts out there #Plandid. And, you can do it too! Make sure your outfit is lookin’ crisp, sit tall, chin up & let your photographer of the day do the rest for you! A subtle smile will only make this shot cuter! 


  • The One With The Hijab
  • Fixing your hijab? Another #Plandid for you to try! This helps give your hands something to do and is such a nice and natural way to pose.

    • Let’s Get Dresssssy 

    Wearing something with a flare? Like a pretty dress or your favourite skirt? Hold onto one end and pose away! Wear some heels and place one foot in front to add some depth to your photo! #FeelingDressy

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