Be the Boss Babe at all your Zoom meetings!

With the current circumstances, it’s been tough to find a chance to dress up and go out. So why not make Zoom meetings your very own runway? 

Here’s how you can lift your spirits up by dressing like the boss woman you are for your WFH days:

  • Co- Ord Sets

          Co- Ord sets are the new wave in modest fashion and we are loving them! 

These minimal effort outfits are totally worth investing in if you’re someone that likes to keep it caszh at all times.


  • Black Palazzo Pants and a Sleek Formal Top

           Pair our Busy Bee Black Palazzos with any printed or plain formal top and ace that presentation you’ve been nervous about all week! 

Because we all know a good outfit= a good mood!


  •  A little colour goes a long way!

            The Pink Pretty Pearl Shirt is an essential for your WFH meetings.  

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like the colour Pink?

Style it with blue jeans and a pair of heels and there’s simply no other outfit like it!


  • Satin? Yes please!

           This Satin top and jeans outfit is your holy grail if you want to put minimal effort into a chic look.

Work from home feels: 10/10 on our scale!

Shop the top in 3 different shades and you’re sorted for at least a week’s outfits!


  • One statement piece!

            Boss babe jackets are a total WFH vibe. These comfortable yet stylish pieces, paired with our essential inners are an imperative for your summer closet. 

What makes them better is that they’re available in 2 other shades so go ahead, take your pick!

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