Hello There MeFam!

We’re back with yet another blog and this time we’ve put together a list of our bestsellers of all times for your convenience. If you’re confused about what to get for your next outing, here’s some of the options picked by our audience:

  • Layal Evening Dress

A good outfit is all you need to brighten up your day or should we say your ‘evening’?

Our Layal Evening Dress was amongst our very first launches and is still loved by so many even today! I mean, this dress is beautiful AND versatile, so do you really blame them?


  • Customised T Shirt

When you want to keep it casual but still make a statement, a customised tee is all you need!

This T- Shirt with your name written in Arabic even makes for a good personalised gift for a friend or close one. 

  • Crushed Mauve Queen Bee Co-ord Set 

This collection was made in Collaboration with one of all time favourite bloggers, Nabeeha Fakih, The Urban Hijabee and has been one of the top picks of our audience. 

This collection is very close to our heart, just like it is of our audience too!

  • Venetian Rose Layered Dress

This gorgeous Rose Layered Dress is perfect for a day at the beach, a brunch, a dinner or any other occasion.

This versatile piece is also comfortable and lightweight which makes it an ideal modest outfit for our MEFAM.

  • Rust Boyfriend Shirt 

Straight out of one of our most recent launches, SOBO: The Urban Collective, our Rust Boyfriend Shirt has been shown immense love by you all. 

With Rust being one of the most trendy colours right now, this shirt is cute and casual.  

And with that, we’re so grateful for all the love and support shown to us. 

Thank you so much for helping us grow so much through the years.

Until next week, MEFAM!

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