Taking proper care of your clothes can get tricky. How often you should do your laundry depends on a number of things including what piece of clothing you are washing. 

Here’s a guide to how often you should wash your clothes:

  • Hijabs and Abayas

While Hijabs are delicate and need to be hand washed most times, it is best to wash a hijab once at least after 3 wears. 

Washing your Abaya can be once after every:

Casual: Two wears

Heavy/ Occasional Wear: One to three wears depending upon the material.


  • Dresses 

Dresses are the low effort outfits we all so love! But do you know how often you should be washing them? Washing after wearing it twice or thrice is good, unless you’re sweaty or the dress is visibly dirty. 


  • Tops & Shirts

Tops and Shirts are our go- to outfits for lazy days so, It is good to wash them after every 2 wears. 

  • Pants and Leggings 

If you’re wearing your leggings as often as we think you are, it is best to put them for a wash every time you’ve worn them and if you’re a fan of dressy pants/ palazzos instead, putting them for a wash after wearing them twice would be a safe bet. 

  • Jeans 

A pair of jeans can be worn at least 3- 4 times before washing.

  • Jackets

Washing and Care for a jacket may depend upon its material, while a lightweight jacket can be washed once after being worn three times, a more heavy jacket must be washed after 4-5 wears. Leather & Suede are dry clean materials only. 

  • Workout Clothes & Sleepwear 

Washing sleepwear after 2-3 wears is a good alternative however, it is very necessary to wash workout clothes every time!


These are basic guidelines but if you feel like you should give that piece of clothing you’ve worn once a wash? Go ahead and toss it in that laundry basket, who makes the rules anyway? 

Comment below how often you wash a particular piece of clothing and stay tuned for more tips on how to maintain your clothing by ME. 

See you on the other side!

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