Many Muslim women around the world prefers modest clothing options or Abaya. A significant number of them are girls who are studying at colleges or universities.

So in this blog we’ll discuss back to school outfits or as the younger generation Calls them “Fits” from the ME’s Collection.


Oversized Checks Shirts

In college, comfort takes precedence over everything else. The oversized checks shirts we offer allows you to create sporty yet comfortable looks.

Ideally, it should be paired with jeans or pants. If you want a sporty appearance, pair the outfit with a pair of sports shoes or maybe even converse. A backpack is a good addition to the look.


Pleated Skirts

When it comes to wearing skirts to college, don’t be afraid. Wearing the right skirt can give you the perfect look and make you feel comfortable at the same time.

We offer pleated skirts in block colors that can easily be paired with a T-shirt for a casual look, or can be paired with a shirt for a formal look. A skirt like this can be worn with converse, loafers or sandals.

Our pleated skirt can also be paired with printed tees.


Long Dresses

It is thought that wearing long dresses to college might be problematic by some people. To be honest, it is quite the opposite. When paired up correctly and with the right material, long dresses can be comfortable and can give you that elegant and classy look you’ve been looking for.

The Drawstring dress and Bubble dress from our collection when paired with a right denim jacket will give you a sporty/chic look and when paired with loafers or heels will give you an evening look.


Tunic Tops

Choosing to wear Tunic tops to college in the right color will give you a feminine and classy appearance. The bubble top or layered top from our collection can be paired with leggings or straight fit pants.

They can be worn with loafers, heels or even ballerina pumps. Adding a handbag or a tote bag to your outfit will complete the look. The look can be further enhanced by layering jewelleries.


With this we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs.




- Aqsa Favad

Modest Essentials


Fatima Javed Qureshi said:

It’s just amazing how everything is explained

Fatima Javed Qureshi said:

It’s just amazing how everything is explained

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