What’s your Aesthetic?

When it comes to fashion, everyone has an aesthetic that they’re more drawn to, most times knowingly, yet sometimes unknowingly. Whether you know your aesthetic or not, here is a mood-board to help you pick your style!

The Floral Girl Aesthetic

There’s always a girl who loves all things floral & if that’s you, we think these products would look stunning on ya! 

From Left: Iman Floral Dress, Black Rose Floral Shirt, Iris Vintage Floral Dress. 

The Soft Girl Aesthetic

If you’re a sucker for all things pastel, we think you’d love these soft, stylish pastel looks for your next trip! 

From Left: Dareen Evening Dress, Rio Co-ord Set , Zara Pink Dress.

The Lazy Girl Aesthetic

Nope, by this we don’t mean to call you lazy! The lazy girl look is a style statement in itself. Classy, sassy, casual and super comfy! Here are our top picks for you.

From Left: Custom Arabic Tee, Marble Grey Dress, Cocoa Sassqueen High-waisted Skirt.

The Classy Girl Aesthetic

For a girl that believes in, ‘Outfits speak louder than words’, these style-statement pieces are super versatile, unique and budget-friendly!

From Left: Denver Co-ord Set, Black Pleated Satin Skirt, Fahé Satin Dress

The VSCO Girl Aesthetic

Beaches, sunshine, forests and everything nice! This aesthetic makes up for your wanderlust soul and so do the outfits below!

From Left: Vanilla Layered Dress, Amal Abaya, Custom Arabic Tee. 

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