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Being modest in this day and time is tough, so if you’re someone that covers themself up for the sake of Islam, we’re so proud of you!

Shopping as a modest fashion lover is no walk in the park, especially if you’re more of a streetwear person, like I am. 
Keeping this in mind we’ve launched our latest collection,  SOBO: The Urban Collective and here are 5 of our favourite picks from it:

  • Mocha Boyfriend Shirt

This colour speaks for itself! An oversized shirt that can be styled in multiple ways, we all know we love it!


  • Mauve Bombae Rayon Top 

Cute and Casual, this top is a must have if you like keeping your look not too girly but not too street style either. The perfect balance between the two aesthetics and it’s pink. Do we really need to say more?

  • Roar Animal Print Top 

A classic cheetah print top made from the most comfortable of fabrics. Felt cute? Might feel fierce after wearing this too!


  • Ruby Striped Shirt Dress

The perfect outfit for your next soiree: This shirt dress with white leggings and a white hijab, and if you’re feeling dressy you might want to style it with a little handbag. 


  • Slate Victoria Bell- Sleeve Shirt

The exaggerated sleeves of this shirt make it stand out like no other piece in this collection! Available in three beautiful shades, this shirt is definitely a good idea for your next outfit. 

Are you a lover of streetwear and modesty? If yes, what are you waiting for? 
Go add to your cart now!

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