In fashion, modesty is not a constraint and represents self-expression and creativity. The abaya, a traditional modest Islamic clothing, has changed over time and can now be found in many patterns, designs, and fabrics. The classic black abaya is a staple in every woman's abaya collection. But there are these latest styles that every sister should have in her wardrobe.

In this blog, we will explore the trendiest abaya styles that every girl should consider having in her wardrobe. But before we delve into the different styles of abayas, here's why you should have more than one Modest Essentials abaya style.

Why Should You Have the Latest Abaya Style in Your Modest Closet? 

- Versatility:

Different abaya styles provide versatility in terms of occasions and preferences. You should have different abayas to choose from; casual, formal, embellished, or minimalistic abayas.

- Fashion exploration:

Having abayas in various styles allows you to experiment with different fashion trends, colours, cuts, and designs. Not just that, you'll have different abaya styles to impress your sisters. 

- Comfort:

Since abaya styles cater to varied comfort levels and body types, you can pick a style that fits your comfort preferences. All you have to work on is balancing style and comfort with the right abayas and hijab online in India styles. 

- Adaptability:

Different abaya styles are made in different fabrics, so you can comfortably wear abayas in any season and social setting without worrying about modest dressing.

The Different Abaya Style For Modern Women To Wear 

Modern women can choose from various simple abaya styles that embody sophistication and minimalistic elegance, offering a timeless and effortless look.

The Classic Black Abaya: 

The classic black abaya online is a timeless and elegant piece all Muslim women love. It exudes sophistication, grace, and simplicity with its traditional feel. Choose a well-tailored black Abaya with minimal ornamentation that flows beautifully. The ever-stylish black abayas allow you to dress up or down easily, making them appropriate for various occasions. The classic black abaya is a staple that never goes out of style and will never leave your modest wardrobe rotation.


- Crepe Fabric

- The same fabric belt is attached to the abaya. 

- Broad sleeves that are easy to wear

Kimono-Inspired Abaya: 

The sophisticated and modest Kimono-inspired Abaya draws its design inspiration from the graceful Japanese kimono. This style has wide, flowy sleeves and a loose fit that drapes effortlessly around the body. The Kimono style abaya is a relaxed and comfy alternative for casual parties or Eid celebrations. Pair your look with fine jewellery pieces, cute handbags and stylish footwear. Subtle jewellery and a no-makeup look are a winning combo when donning the Kimono-style Abaya. 


- Designed in imported crepe fabric 

- Slits to the sides of the abaya 

- Soft breathable fabric ideal for summers 

Striped Abaya:

The Striped Abaya modernizes the traditional garment. This style of modest clothing has an overall striped pattern that lends a sense of modernity and elegance to your look. It has a cotton belt to cinch the waist and create a flattering silhouette. This abaya can be worn traditionally as an abaya/burqa or a shrug, making it a capsule wardrobe essential. The soft and airy fabric used in its making is ideal for summer, offering comfort without sacrificing style.


- Striped pattern all over

- It includes a fabric belt

- Wear it as an abaya or a shrug

- Georgette fabric is soft and lightweight

Layered Abaya:

The Layered Abaya is a unique design that provides depth and elegance to your OOTD. This style exudes femininity and elegance with its ruffle pattern on the sleeves. It can be worn as an Abaya or a shrug, similar to our striped abaya, allowing you to experiment with different looks. The soft and airy fabric used in its make makes it a wonderful choice for the summer season. With this abaya style, embrace the layered trend and create a fashion statement while maintaining modesty.


- A unique layered design

- Sleeves have a ruffled detail

- It can be worn as an abaya or a shrug

- Tailored from a lightweight, non-sheer chiffon fabric

Two-piece Abaya:

The two-piece abaya adds versatility to your wardrobe. This abaya style is made of non-sheer Saudi Crepe fabric that gives maximum coverage. It comes with a loose-fitting abaya and matching pants. The pants with the abaya have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit, while the abaya has button detailing on the sleeves and an attractive slit. Its lightweight and breathable nature makes it appropriate for several occasions, keeping you comfortable and fashionable.


- Pants with an elasticized waist

- The sleeve has button detailing

- The abaya has a slit

- Imported Crepe fabric ideal for summer


Finding the correct blend of style, comfort, and grace is essential when selecting the perfect abaya style. This search has a strong resonance for girls who honor modesty. Abayas have long been connected with Islamic dress, but as modest fashion has gained popularity in mainstream society, it has grown more inclusive.

Now that you know exactly what you're searching for, it's time to decide. We are here to assist you in finding fashionable yet modest abayas that will make you appear gorgeous for any event. Fortunately, Modest Essentials has a wide range of abayas to pick from. You will undoubtedly find something that complements your style and the occasion you will be attending. Begin browsing our collection today to find your ideal abaya!

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