Every aspect of your life, including your closet, is influenced by your personality type. While some people place a high value on fashion and style, others barely give their clothes a second thought. 

So for this week's blog, we have our employees choose an outfit and style it the way they like. The purpose of this blog is to explore how their different personalities can influence their outfit styling.


  • Ayesha's Look: Black Layered Dress 

For the blog, Ayesha chose the black layered dress because it is easy to dress and has a high round neckline that she really likes. She paired the layered dress with a purple or rust-color hijab, along with gold tone jewelry and a watch.

She further enhanced the dress's appearance with a corset belt. A sling bag and black stilettoes completed her look.


  • Mariya's look: Rayon layered jacket 

Our rayon layered jacket in yellow colour appealed to Mariya because of its frills and flouncy look. She went with loose fit jeans and a graphic t-shirt that were the perfect compliment to the rayon layered jacket. 

In order to make the outfit more feminine, she added strappy sandals.The look was finished off with a sling bag with metal details and a jersey textured hijab.


  • Munira's Look: Pink and Blue Flannel top

Munira chose to wear the flannel top from our new autumn collection because of its versatility and casual comfort. She went with a black pair of leggings and White Nike Airforce shoes which further complemented her flannel top.

With silver tone jewellery and a black handbag embellished with silver tone details, she completed the look. 


  • Aqsa's Look: linen co ord set in brown

Aqsa chose the brown linen co-ord set from the latest collection. The versatile nature of this dress attracted her. In addition to the co-ord set, she paired it with a white t-shirt and left the shirt of the co-ord set open. 

In order to give the look a sporty touch, she decided to add white sports shoes. Lastly, she added a silver tone jewellery and a white sling bag to complete the look.


A person's age, way of living, personality traits, and other influences can all affect her style. You can have mixed personas if you take your mixed personality, peer influences, and other factors into consideration. In the end, it is more important to embrace what you are and to stand by what you believe in.

Having said that, we have come to the end of our blog this week. 
Thanks for visiting our blog, and we hope you enjoy it.





- Aqsa Favad

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