In Islamic culture, the hijab is a simple scarf tied around the head of a girl in order to conceal her hair. In recent years, girls have started to wear hijab with a lot of grace and style.

Choosing the perfect hijab completes an entire outfit for a Hijabi. In this blog, we’ve covered different kinds of Hijabs that can be worn on various occasions.


  • Casual

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of casual clothing is comfort. The choice of comfortable options is crucial for casual outings. Choose a hijab that you are comfortable with and that you won’t have to adjust repeatedly.

 It’s also a good idea to stick with neutral shades. When dressing casually for a casual and comfortable time, cotton hijabs, woven hijabs and jersey hijabs are good options.


  • Festive 

It is common for people to dress up a little fancy for a festival such as Eid. However, cooking is also an integral part of the festival for some Muslim women.

Hijabs with a little thread embroidery can be worn by women who wants a comfortable and fancy look. The use of metallic colours such as silver, golden or even rose gold in light and breathable fabric is a good idea.

  • Formal/Office

 Women in today’s society spend so much time working in offices. A typical day for them usually lasts between six to eight hours.

In light of such long working hours women should opt for comfortable yet classy options such as georgette hijabs and chiffon hijabs. When you find yourself in such situation, under caps are your best friend since they keep the hijab in place for a longer time period. Another great option is to wear hijab in neutral cool tone colours. 


  • Wedding (Bridal)

If you are wearing a Hijab on your wedding day, you are in no way compromising your style. Finding the perfect Hijab might be challenging.

Brides can choose from variety of luxurious material for her Hijab, including silk hijabs or satin Hijabs. She can also go for Hijabs embroidered with beads.

Brides can also wear jewellery to complement her Hijab, but wearing the right jewellery is crucial. Futhermore, brides can go for metallic colour Hijabs to emphasize their wedding look.


With this we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs.




- Aqsa Favad

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22 septiembre 2022 — Aqsa Chhapra

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