Hey there MEFAM!

We’re back with yet another blog for you. This time let us guide you to your perfect hijab, let’s dive right in. Shall we?

  • Premium Chiffon Hijab

This hijab is the right choice if you love keeping it casual. It’s soft and lightweight fabric is perfect for all seasons and our gorgeous shades available can be paired with any of your outfits!

  • Tie Dye Hijab

Tie Dye Hijabs are all the rage this season. Adding a pop of colour to any outfit cannot get easier than this hijab. 

  • Georgette Hijab 

Our Georgette Hijabs are sustainable and a staple for all hijabis!

A must- have for all seasons this hijab is lightweight and it’s textured fabric is sure to be non- slip. 

Pro Tip: Add a pin or hijab magnet and under scarf for extra comfort 

  • Silk Viscose Hijab 

The glow you can get from a satin hijab is unparalleled!

Satin Viscose is a non slip material, easy to style and gives you the cutest look ever! 

  • Woven Cotton Hijab

If you’re someone that shares a love- hate relationship with underscarves and hijab pins, this hijab is for you! 

It’s lightweight, textured AND non-slip!

So which one did you pick? Let us know in the comments below. 

That’s all for this time ladies, we’ll see you again next week!

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