When it comes to modest fashion the single most important item in our opinion, would be a versatile Jacket.

Layering any outfit with a chic jacket, enhances the entire look.

Let's discuss the 5 essential jackets and 5 ways to wear them.


The Flowy Knee-Length Jacket 

There is a high chance you would find this jacket in every wardrobe. 

Wear it over a casual t-shirt with jeans, a sling bag and a cotton based Hijab.

You can either wear it casually or semi-formally. 

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The Light-weight Trench Coat

A lightweight trench coat gives you the comfort of a light jacket and a formal look. 

You can pair one over a t-shirt ,Jeans, closed shoes, minimalist jewellery and a Georgette Hijab.

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The Zipper Jacket

A classic zipper jacket is effortless to style and perfect for casual to semi formal looks.

Pair it with a basic t-shirt, jeans, a sling bag and closed shoes. A cotton or georgette hijab would go perfect with this.

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The Embroidered Statement Jacket.

This is a kind of jacket that you should be wearing to a party to get those heads turned.

Such jackets look good with anything you pair them with.

You can wear them over a co-ord set, t-shirt and pants or a sleeveless dress. A Georgette hijab would go perfectly with these.

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The Perfect Kimono

A kimono that fits well can make any outfit stand out. 

You can wear it over your daily outfit to add a bit of sparkle to it. 

Georgette hijabs go perfectly with them.

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We hope these styling suggestions help you guys.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more content like this.

07 marzo 2021 — Team Modest Esseentials


Zeenat Khatib dijo:

It is amazing

Hasina Koya dijo:

I would love to get the blue one for myself

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