#1 You can almost never find the right shade at the right time.

If you’ve been a Hijabi for quite a while, chances are, you have a closet or a drawer filled with hijabs but you almost never find the right shade and material when you really need it to complete your outfit.

#2 Hijab pins are your worst nightmare!

Created to be a helpful instrument for Hijabis all over, but have you met a Hijabi who has never been poked by their own hijab pin? Respect to the girls who’ve managed to master the art of wrapping around the headscarf without using a hijab pin. How do you do it? Are you magic?

#3 The Pandemic & The Hijab

We know what you’re thinking, ‘How can two things so different from each-other have any relation?’, but umm, how can you forget that slipping on a mask with your hijab on is a real task! And taking off the mask isn’t helpful either. Let’s all agree we’d pay a substantial amount to anyone that can come up with an easier way to use both, the hijab and the mask at the same time.

#4 Bad Hijab Days

Sure, there are people out there thinking we have it easy, no ‘bad hair days’ for us. But a Bad Hijab Day can also turn into a Bad Outfit Day and a Bad Outfit Day can turn into a Bad Picture Day. Not so fun now, aye?

#5 The Kind of Questions you want to roll your eyes at

“Are they forcing you to wear that?”, “Do you wear this while taking a shower?”, “You don’t have to spend money on a haircut, right?” are just a few common questions amongst the 100s we get on the regular, but that isn’t going to stop us from slaying and lookin’ gorgeous with our hijab on, right?

Whatever our ‘Hijab struggles’ may be, we know that it has helped shape our identities and we should never forget that!

Comment below your ‘favorite’ hijab struggle to find out how many of us have, ‘been there, done that’.


-Simran Shaikh

Modest Essentials

May 20, 2021 — Aamir Chhabdia

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