Introducing the first blog in the series on How to style an outfit in different ways. The time has come to amp up your style by wearing the same outfit many different ways. Make your outfit versatile by styling it in a variety of ways. One of the most practical tips is learning how to style an outfit in different ways. Our blog this week shows you how to dress the Relaxed pant suit for women in different ways.


In terms of the occasion, the relaxed pant suit can be worn both formally and casually. Keep it simple when pairing a co ord set since sometimes they can be a little tricky to style. For a formal look, pair it with a simple one tone shirt with loafers or any formal footwear you prefer.

When wearing the relaxed pant suit for casual events or small gatherings, try wearing it with strappy shoes. 


You can also style the Relaxed pant suit separately. Dress up the pants with a formal shirt and elegant thin strap heels for a feminine touch. Add a small sling bag and minimal gold jewellery to complete the look. 

The jacket from the relaxed pant suit can be styled on long dresses as a layering piece. You can enhance the look even further by adding a belt. The perfect finishing touch to the look is a pair of cute sandals and an elegant handbag.



Style is one of the best indicators of a person's personality. There is one item of clothing, however, that can better describe you than any dress or outfit, and it is the graphic t-shirt. 

Styling the relaxed pant suit with graphic tees and boyfriend jeans or loose fitting jeans is an excellent idea. You can wear sneakers that are comfortable yet sporty with an outfit like this. Bring the look together with a stylish backpack. Wearing this outfit will not only make you look stylish and sporty, but also be comfortable.


A woman's style is unique to her, and she can flaunt it everywhere by
transforming one outfit in many ways to suit her mood.
With these styling tips, you'll be able to transform your basic outfits into
something completely different.
Having said that, we have come to the end of our blog this week. 
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- Aqsa Favad 

Modest Essentials.


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