With its delightful charm and joy, the monsoon season is undoubtedly one of our country's most treasured times. Every aspect of this season is full of opportunities to create beautiful memories, from savoring hot and crispy fritters to watching raindrops softly decorate lush green leaves. However, in the midst of all these lovely times, there are challenges to styling your abaya. 

Those who love the elegance of abayas, classic and modest Islamic clothing must balance fashion and rainy weather adaptability. In this blog, we'll look at trendy yet practical ways to acing new abaya styles for gloomy days. 

Lightweight Fabric is BAE This Monsoon 

Humidity levels are high during the rainy season, making abayas with heavy fabrics uncomfortable to wear. Choose lightweight abayas made of chiffon, georgette or Saudi crepe because they are breathable and promote air circulation, leaving you relaxed and comfortable even on rainy days. These fabrics are quick to dry, which is especially useful during rainy seasons.

Monsoon abaya style suggestion: Georgette Striped Abaya 

- Striped Abaya made from non-sheer georgette fabric 

- Available in three stunning colours: jade, beige, and blue.

- Each colour is unique, enabling you to choose based on your style.

- Find the perfect colour for you, whether it's serene jade, classy beige, or refreshing blue.

Wear Vibrant Colors and Prints To Beat The Gloomy Weather 

Monsoon fashion does not have to be dull and gloomy. Choose bold shades and quirky prints to add a pop of colour to your abaya collection. Bold floral patterns, abstract motifs, or geometric prints instantly lift up your mood and add a burst of colour to a dull day. Experiment with different colour combinations of stylish abaya designs to create clothes that stand out against the grey skies.

Monsoon Abaya style suggestion: Imported Chiffon Shrug 

- These shrugs are made with care and offer both modest clothing and style.

- Three stunning options are available: Amber Floral, Quartz Floral, and Topaz Floral Shrugs.

- Each design contains beautiful floral patterns that are all things fun. 

- The imported chiffon fabric offers a lightweight and comfortable fit.

The Easy-breezy Layered Style for Convenience

When clothing for monsoon season, layering is a sensible solution. Consider wearing a kimono-style abaya or a lightweight layered abaya over your base dress. These extra layers not only provide rain protection but also add to your style game. Colours and textures can be mixed and matched to create a beautiful abaya design that reflects your personal style.

Monsoon Abaya style suggestion: layered shrug and Kimono abaya

- Kimono style beautiful abaya design is made from imported crepe fabric. 

- The unique slit design adds a modern twist to the traditional attire.

- The layered abaya dress is made of lightweight, uber-comfy chiffon fabric.

- The ruffled sleeves give a cute look to the typical dull rainy day.

Invest in Good Hijabs For Monsoon Chic Styles 

A well-chosen hijab can jazz up an abaya ensemble. For your hijabs, use lightweight and airy fabrics such as chiffon or georgette. These materials of hijab online in India are simple to work with and dry quickly. Consider pairing neutral-colored hijabs that can be worn with different abaya styles. To make your beautiful abaya design interesting, try experimenting with our ombre cotton hijabs. 

Monsoon Abaya style suggestion: Hijab styles for rainy days

- The side wrap hijab style is easy to drape and provides adequate coverage. Add cute hijab pins and flaunt your side wrap style for work, college, or just as everyday wear. 

- Pinned back hijab wrap is a fuss-free and minimalist style; this hijab style is when you don't want to highlight your hijab but your Abaya. 

Abaya Maintenance and Care Tips For Rainy Day Glam 

To maintain longevity, it is essential to take additional care of your Abaya online during the monsoon season. Follow the care instructions, which may include hand washing or dry cleaning. Additionally, dry your Abaya as soon as possible after being exposed to rain to avoid moisture-related issues like mold or mildew.

Monsoon- friendly Makeup Tips For Abaya -Wearing Beauties 

During the monsoons, humidity can have an impact on your skin. To avoid your makeup from smudging or fading, use waterproof or long-lasting makeup. Switch to natural-looking makeup, with a focus on waterproof mascara, long-lasting eyeliner, and a foundation with a matte finish. 


The monsoon season is one to enjoy, and styling your Abaya during this time can be both fashionable and functional. You may effortlessly enjoy the rainy season while exuding elegance and comfort by picking lightweight materials, embracing bold colours and prints, perfecting the art of layering, and investing in excellent hijabs.

Remember that fashion allows for self-expression, so feel free to tailor these tips to your unique tastes and preferences. Embrace the monsoon season with confidence by dressing in abayas that show your sophisticated and modest style. 

Refresh your modest monsoon wardrobe! Explore our collection to find the prettiest abaya styles to get ready for rainy days. Shop the perfect monsoon abaya styles, which are now available for purchase. 

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