Hello Mefam!

We’re here with yet another favourite picks blog. You guessed it, this time, it’s from our latest collection of Upcycled Georgette Hijabs!

As a modest fashion brand, we’ve been working on doing our part for the environment. Our brand believes in sustainability and so we’ve come up with this collection. Each Georgette Hijab in this collection has been upcycled using two plastic bottles!

Here’s to a better and eco- friendly way of being modest, our favourite shades from this collection are:

  • Warm Tan Georgette Hijab      

This beautiful shade of brown is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. Pair it with any outfit you want, trust us, it works!


  • Onyx Georgette Hijab (Black)

Black Hijabs are a must have for every hijabi and who doesn't love the colour black? We know we do!

  • Hazel Georgette Hijab                                   

The perfectly nude shade, every girl’s dream.

Nothing better than a nude hijab when you’re confused about what to wear!

  • Tea Green Georgette Hijab

With Sage being one of the most trendy colours, or should I say “With Sage being all the rage” we can vouch for the aesthetic of this colour. We love it and we’re sure you will too!

  • Powder Blue Georgette Hijab

Keeping it casual couldn’t get easier, our Powder Blue Georgette Hijab is just the thing you need to go with those staple blue pair of jeans you love so much!

That being said, we hope you love this collection as much as we do.

Contributing to a safer environment while looking chic? Oh yes!

Thank you for all your love and support always, until next time Mefam!

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