It's that time of year again when shoppers rejoice. Black Friday Sale and Cyber Week Sale are on the horizon, and the clock is ticking. 

One of our biggest sales of the year takes place during Black Friday, so it's the best time to shop. 

With this week's blog, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the right outfits at the sale!

Get a head start on the holiday season with our biggest sale.  


  • College going students 

Comfortable clothing options are everything in college. Among the outfits Modest Essentials offers, you'll find a variety that would be ideal for college-going girls.

We have everything you need, from stylish dresses to comfy shirts.

Firstly, we have the checks oversized shirts, which are great for a comfy and sporty look. They come in four different colours.

If you're wanting a feminine look, try our smocked dresses or our layered dresses, both of which can look great if styled correctly.



  • Outfit options for young moms 

It can be difficult for young mothers to find the right clothing options at times. There's no need to worry, we have you covered.

Firstly, we have the drawstring dresses which are dresses with buttons on top and a drawstring to easily manage the appearance. This dress has a drawstring and buttons that make it very comfortable to wear while also being stylish. There are also flannels tops that have a flouncy look and flannels shirts that are comfortable and easy to wear and can also achieve a sporty look. The look created by these products will be perfect if they are styled correctly.



  • Woman going to get married in the near future 

There's no doubt that finding the outfits for woman who will soon get married might be challenging. If you are getting married in the near future, we have many cute and beautiful outfit options available for you. 

Our ribbed ombre shrug is from our newly launched collection and is very versatile.

The shrug can be styled in many ways and is available in three colours.

Aside from the shrug, we also have satin dresses, which are very feminine and easy to style. Also, the floral tops from modest essentials collection are great because they have a frilly and flouncy look.



  • Formal wear for women 

It can be difficult to find the perfect formal outfit, but we have some options from modest essentials collection that will help you.

Satin oversized tops by Modest Essentials can be styled with formal pants and formal skirts. We offer these satin tops in three different colours: white, black, and vintage gold. Aside from the satin tops, we also have chic co-ord sets that can be styled as formal wear. 

in addition to being versatile, the recently launched linen set is available in four different colours. Apart from the linen set, we have the queen bee two-piece set, which can be styled in a formal yet chic manner. 


  • Abaya lovers

Our abaya lovers are going to be delighted by the news we've got for them. We're going to restock some cult favourite abayas really soon, and they'll be available during Black Friday. We will be restocking the majority of our two-piece abayas and reversible abayas soon. Speaking of the two piece abayas, they are really stylish and when styled perfectly can give you a very formal and classy appearance. In addition to looking stylish, they are easy to style for a casual look. When it comes to reversible abayas, they're very versatile and feature various styles. 


  • Also, we are restocking Hijabs, so keep an eye out for that as well.


With this we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs.




- Aqsa Favad

Modest Essentials

23 noviembre 2022 — Mariya Sarang

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