In a world where fast-fashion rules the industry, one must really take the time to re-use and re-fabricate certain pieces to save up some extra ₹s and give your creativity a boost! But what if the quality of your purchases drops with just a few wears? Well, here’s a few ways how you can make your favourite pieces last long: 

1) Hand-wash Certain Items

Materials like wool, silk, cashmere should always be hand washed as they are sensitive and washing them in a machine can wear them off.One should always follow the instructions given with clothes on how they are supposed to be washed as some clothes are suitable for hot water and some clothes are suitable for cold water.

Always remember to use the right temperature to keep your clothes from shrinking too soon!

2) Wash your clothes inside out

The main purpose of washing clothes is to remove body odour & stains, so wash it inside out to protect any print on your favourite graphic tee or the studs on your favourite kurti!

This helps in keeping your clothes looking fresh and new for much longer!


3) Refresh your wardrobe

No, we don’t mean you have to buy a new closet-worth of products every season. Instead, take a deep dive into your wardrobe, chances are you always have a piece of clothing you haven’t gotten around to wearing yet!

Try wearing those instead of the same black tights all day every day & save them from wearing out too soon.

4) Take off your outdoor clothes when you get home

We all are guilty of not changing right away, as we get home even when know we should definitely stop the habit of doing so!

Taking off your outdoor clothes as soon as you’re back home and wearing indoor clothes can make your clothes last so much longer, trust us on this one.

5) A Stitch in Time, Saves 9

Let’s get back to your over-worn Black Tights, they’re your go-to but you didn’t take good care of them & now there are holes in what used to be your favourite pair of leggings!

So, notice these tiny holes & always mend them in time, before there are too many to handle.

That’s all for today!

We hope these tips help you make wiser choices and care for your favourite pieces of clothing a little more! 

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