Are you already late for a luncheon with friends? Are you running out of time and have no idea what to wear? Have you emptied your closet and still have no clue how to style your basic pieces? Well, here are six easy and on-the-go styling tips you can incorporate when you’re short on time.

  • DENIM + A Basic White Tee

  • Denim with a plain white tee never fails to look as good and effortless as it sounds! Pair it with your favourite sunglasses and a Nude Hijab and you’re good to go!

    Time To Style: 2-4 Minutes

    Effort: 3/10

    The Final Look: As Cool-girl as it gets!

  • ‘Cause Florals Never Go Out of Style!
  • A floral piece of clothing should be a must-have in every girl’s closet. Florals can always be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and don’t need much accessories to go with as the print speaks for itself! 

    Time To Style: 5 Minutes

    Effort: 6/10

    The Final Look: Very-- Alice in Wonderland! 

  • A Statement Piece is ALL THAT IT TAKES!
  • Styling does not have to always be difficult by putting hours of thought into pairing your outfit with nothing but the best. Just pick one statement piece, like this beautiful Suede Jacket and pair your remaining pieces of clothing according to it. Keep the rest simple to lift-up the beauty of your favourite ‘Statement Piece’. 

    Time To Style: 5 Minutes

    Effort: 7/10

    The Final Look: Beauty with Brains!

  • Wear your FEELINGS.
  • Let your t-shirt do the talking, girl! Tees with quotes are always interesting to look at & very often a conversation-starter. Meeting someone new? Grab a Quote Tee that you relate best with and you’re good to go!

    Time To Style: 2 Minutes

    Effort: 3/10

    The Final Look: My T-shirt Speaks For Itself! 

  • Let’s Get Bossy!
  • A nice, well-fitted Co-ord Set is another under-appreciated staple every girl must possess! Oh the wonders it can do! Late for work? Put on your Co-ords with your best shoes & tada! Late, but you won’t look like it-- haha! 

    Time To Style: 5 Minutes

    Effort: 4/10

    The Final Look: Don’t Mind Me, Just Conquering the Day!

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