Often, we get questions about washing hijabs properly.

Taking care of your hijabs will determine the lifespan of your hijab, and if properly cared for, they should last you for years to come.

Our blog this week offers simple tips and tricks for washing your hijab so that they last as long as possible. 

  • Hand Wash Only 

In a washing machine, clothes tumble around in a drum and rub together, which cleans dirt and grime away. Your detergent is primarily responsible for loosening the bonds between the fibres of your garment and any impurities you wish to remove. Your clothes can suffer microscopic tears during this process.

They are not visible with the naked eye, but once their integrity is compromised, visible damage usually follows. 

Hence, hand washing is better for your clothes than machine washing. 


  • Say No to harsh chemicals 

Using harsh chemicals and detergents like bleach can damage the fabric quality of the hijab. Prolonged use of harsh detergent and chemicals can deteriorate the fibers and quality of your hijabs. Apart from ruining your hijab fabric, the main concern regarding harsh washing agents is that it has harmful effects on your health. The best option is to choose affordable organic cleaning agents. 


  • Drying your hijab correctly 

Drying your hijab correctly is one of the most important hijab care tips. In order for your hijab to last as long as possible, you will need to dry it properly.

Drying your hijab by hanging it instead of using the dryer is the most effective method. If you want your hijabs to retain their shape, you may hang them on your towel bar for drying or lay them flat on any flat surface. 

There is a possibility that hijabs will shrink and lose their luster. It is best not to put them in the dryer to avoid such occurrences. Take some time to take care of your hijab.


  • Right way to iron your hijab 

If you need to iron your hijab, choose a material that requires minimal to no ironing.

In addition, use a garment steamer to eliminate wrinkles. Make sure you iron your hijabs on the lowest setting. 



With this we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Thanks for taking the time to read our blogs.




-Aqsa Favad

Modest Essentials


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