If you invest in an abaya and all things modest, you're like us! Our love for abayas goes beyond just making a piece of modest clothing- it's a statement of our unique identity as Muslims. But let's admit it, organising your abaya collection can be challenging. But worry not, our guide to organising your abaya collection. 

Why is organising your abaya collection a must? 

Imagine you wake up and realise you are late for work. You open your closet, and there will be no frantic hunting or 'where's-that-abaya' situations. With a well-organised abaya collection, each modest Islamic clothing is at your fingertips, ready to hop into and style. It's as if your stylist is saying, "Today, let's rock the two-piece abaya from Modest Essentials, shall we?"

A well-organised closet allows you to go through your new abaya collection and choose the abaya that best suits your mood and occasion. Whether it's a casual abaya or an elegant statement piece, your organized closet highlights your style journey. 

How to organise your abaya collection?

Declutter your closet 

The first step to organizing your abaya collection is to declutter your closet. Start with categorizing everything you have in your modest wardrobe, including hijab online in India, into donate or keep. 

Organize the new abaya collection based on the types of abayas.

It's much easier to find your modest wear if you use 'smart grouping.' You know the drill, hang all your base dresses, layered dresses, and long abaya jackets together. All the shrug abayas with matching bottoms and loose pants together, and all your abayas in one section of your closet. 

This will depend on your closet space, so utilize every available space. Place all the clothes you reach out to frequently and hang the ones you occasionally wear in deeper corners of your closet.

Organize your new abaya collection by color 

We promise you'll love the look and functionality of a color-coordinated new abaya collection. Organize your abayas in color order: neutral colors such as cream, white, black, tan, brown, and grey. Then organize colors like pinks, blues, and greens.

This typically depends on the color palette you are drawn to and your style. The color gradient of your new abaya collection does not have to be perfect; as long as the main colors are grouped, it will be easier for you to pair your modest clothes. 

Organize your abaya collection according to the seasons

Let your abayas bloom with the season. It's like giving each abaya from your new abaya collection its moment in the fashion spotlight. Group all your georgette and chiffon abayas and hijabs in vibrant colors for the rainy season, Saudi Crepe and Nida abayas in breezy pastels for summer, and your linen warm earth tones abayas and hijabs for the winter months.

With each seasonal rotation, you will know what to wear and when and easily mix and match abayas, hijabs, and accessories according to the changing seasons. Trust us; you'll love your wardrobe adapting to the weather. 

Tips to store your new abaya collection in your wardrobe 

Wash and Iron

Before storing your new abaya collection, ensure that your abaya and all accessories are washed. If the tag on the abaya reads 'dry clean only' or if they have any stains, get it dry cleaned, ironed, and only then prepare to store your abaya and all the accessories. 

Choose the right hangers

Invest in quality hangers designed to hold clothes such as abayas. Padded or wide hangers with smooth rounded edges are ideal since they prevent stretching and keep your abayas in shape. Avoid using wire or narrow hangers, which can cause creases and deformation.

Utilize Garment Bags

Individual garment bags give extra protection from dust, light, and damage. Select breathable bags made of natural fabrics to store your new abaya collection to encourage air circulation and minimize moisture buildup.

Mindful Folding

Fold your abayas gently to avoid creases if you have limited hanging space. Lay them flat on a clean surface, then fold them in the sides and sleeves. To prevent wrinkles, roll the abaya from the bottom up. Place all the abaya accessories and matching hijabs along with the abaya. Folded abayas can be stored on shelves or in drawers.


Your abaya collection deserves the utmost attention and care. Transform your abaya online and modest wear according to our organizing and storing tips. Following our tips, you'll have a functional wardrobe to save you from the morning chaos. Whether you are getting ready for work or a day out with your girl gang, an organized closet will save you time and energy and make it easier to select the abaya, hijabs, and accessories you need. Start organizing your abaya collection today and experience the joy of a well-organized wardrobe.

Now that you will have organized your wardrobe, you sure need matching hijabs and accessories to pair with your abaya that was hidden under the pile of clothes. Browse our collection to shop beautiful hijabs in the softest fabrics and matching hijab accessories to finish your modest look. 

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